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African Golden Cat (Caracal aurata)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 210526854

Conservation of African Golden Cat in Kenya

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 210526854) - African Golden Cat - Awarded $4,750 on October 31, 2021

There are uncertainties about their presence, distribution, ranges, and population size. Studies conducted in 2012 through correspondence, literature reviews, and in consultation with the National museums of Kenya, 38 sites were identified where this species was sighted, although there were no evidence. The species is mostly confused with caracal and serval, therefore, increasing the uncertainty of species reported by the study. The presence of the African Golden cats has never been confirmed nor photo evidence collected. The objective of this project is to bridge this gap by using camera traps to collate evidence on the African golden cat in at least 5 of the 38 sites to understand their range and occupancy, to establish and understand species occupancy, population densities, distribution, and ranges of the African golden cat in Kenya. The project aims to set up camera traps at the identified sites at least for 2 months starting with areas previously identified then explore and expand to areas with unknown population.

The results will provide evidence, more information and understanding of the species to guide conservation efforts in these areas where the species was previously sighted. The study will identify threats facing the species and come up with action plan to mitigate the problem. Besides, we aim to raise awareness of the species to the public, identifying key threats, addressing the problems therefore, establishing a long-term monitoring program to monitor population trends to understand the status of the African golden cats.

Project 210526854 location - Kenya, Africa