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Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 182513438

Habitat restoration of three endangered fungi species in Benin (Afroboletus luteolus, Strobilomyces echinatus and Cantharellus congolensis)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 182513438) - Brown capped Russula - Awarded $6,000 on December 10, 2018

This project aims to contribute to in situ conservation of three species of fungi, Afroboletus luteolus (Heinem.) Pegler & T.W.K. Young, Strobilomyces echinatus Beeli and Cantharellus congolensis Beeli, considered as endangered in Benin. It aims to:

- Enrich the forest area of occupancy of three fungi species highly endangered in Benin (Russula cellulata, Cantharellus rufopunctatus and Afroboletus luteolus) by tree species such as Lonchocarpus sericeus, Berlinia grandiflora and Pterocarpus santalinoides

- Evaluate the distribution and demography of the populations of three fungi species highly endangered in Benin specially in the gallery forest of Bassila, gallery forest Kota and Birni forest reserve and

- Establish an educational program for the conservation and sustainable for the fungi species threatened in Benin.

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