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Nepal Wall (Lobinga lehmanni)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 190520693

Assessing Conservation Status of Endemic Butterfly Species in trans-Himalayan Regions, Nepal

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 190520693) - Nepal Wall - Awarded $5,000 on August 10, 2019


Lopinga lehmanni (Forster 1980), commonly known as Nepal Wall, is an endemic butterfly species, recorded from the Himalayan ranges of only two districts (Manang and Mustang) of Nepal (Smith 2011). Hence, it has high significance values in that regions. This is also one of the rarest butterfly species of Nepal (Smith 2011). Additionally, the scientific information related to this species is not clearly acquainted. Therefore, collection of scientific data will be an important task to measure the current conservation status of the endemic butterfly species from the Himalayan regions.

The project will meet the following objectives;

• Assessing conservation status of the endemic butterfly species in trans-Himalayan regions under IUCN criteria through field base surveys.

• Identify micro-habitat specificity of the species and assessing habitat deterioration issues with high conservation potential.

• Conduct questionnaire and interview in local communities to understand people perception towards butterfly species.

• Conduct conservation awareness campaign/programs through workshop in local communities and schools in order to increase the number of butterfly fancy among people and make them responsible for the sustainable conservation of butterflies around them.

• Develop local communities as local citizen scientists and involve them in habitat monitoring and enhance them toward nature based tourism focusing butterflies as local income development.

Project 190520693 location - Nepal, Asia