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Simon Elwen - Heaviside's dolphin

In Dec '17...another $500k for conservation

In the third and final round of funding for 2017, the MBZ Fund donated another $500,000 to species conservation projects globally. This installment brings the total amount donated in 2017 to $1,507,820. All told, since 2008, the MBZ Fund has now donated more than $16.5m to 1,739 species conservation projects in more than 160 countries.

In this latest round of funding, the MBZ Fund supported a wide variety of projects distributed across more than 40 different countries. While all of the projects are interesting, we thought we would highlight just a few here.

The Fund provided two ‘Special Awards’ selected for full funding by the board of advisors for their outstanding promise, unique approach and/or overall contribution to species conservation. Sonjay Molur received $25,000 to help support the Zoo Outreach Organization – publisher of the Journal of Threatened Taxa. The other board special award went to protect the Critically Endangered Mulanje cedar tree in Malawi.

Continuing our partnership with the Small Wild Cat Conservation Fund (SWCCF), together we provided $45,500 in support to six different small cat projects that cover five different species including a project for the Flat-headed cat in Brunei, two Fishing cat projects in India, Sand cat in Iran, Pallas’s cat in Nepal and the Bay cat in Indonesia. You can read more about the Bay cat project in a case study recently published on our website here.

Support was also provided to various invertebrate species including a Click beetle in Bosnia Herzegovina, a Sexton Beetle in Cameron, and a bush cricket in Greece.

Over the years the MBZ Fund has provided strong support to the unique iguanas of the Caribbean Islands and this round of funding was no exception, with a grant to the Iguana delicatissima in the Dutch Antilles and the Cyclura ricordii in the Dominican Republic.  

Furthermore, the MBZ provided a grant help conserve the flapper skate in Northern Ireland - a project which aims to translocate skate from the Orkney Islands (Scotland) to the Queen's University Marine Laboratory (Northern Ireland) where they will be hatched and released into Strangford Lough. Strangford Lough is a large marine inlet (~150 km2) on the north-eastern Irish seaboard.

Support was also offered to a project protecting pipefish in South Africa and

a cinnamon tree in Jamaica: https://www.speciesconservation.org/case-studies-projects/cinnamodendron-corticosum/17028.

The MBZ Fund is currently accepting applications. During 2018 it anticipates providing another $1.5m to species conservation projects worldwide. To be considered in the first round of 2018 funding applications must be received before the end of February 2018.

For more information about our grants and grant giving process, visit our homepage at www.speciesconservation.org.