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In Sept ’16…another $500k for conservation

For the 2nd round of grants in 2016, the Fund distributed more than $500k in support of the world’s most endangered species. This is the second of 3 rounds of funding planned for 2016.

The Fund supported 51 more conservation projects with $508,340 bringing the total amount donated to species conservation to $14,485,278 in 7 years. Here is a short sample of the 50+ projects in the latest round of grant giving.

$12,500 for the first comprehensive bat survey in 50 years in the United Arab Emirates.
$32,550 for small wildcats across Asia;
Three special awards for full funding up to $25,000 to Hawaiian birds, African Crocs, and Indian sea cucumbers
$15,000 for African zebrawood in Cameroon;
$25,975 for turtles across in Africa and North America;

Many of the grant recipients have created case studies on our website and you can view these by navigating to the case study section of our website. If you are interested in apply for a grant, please visit our grant application page and apply before our next deadline.