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Start Date
March 1, 2021
End Date
May 1, 2024

Project Summary

One hundred miles from Conakry, the capital of Guinea, lies the island archipelago of Tristao where endangered marine turtles and communities share a fragile marine protected area. Within the archipelago, on the island of Katrack, is a 20 km long sandy beach where Hawskibll, Green and Olive Ridley marine turtles come ashore to nest in this global turtle hotspot. This project will work with the local communities to protect the nests, prevent poaching, reduce habitat degradation, conduct DNA analysis and ensure this valuable population of endangered sea turtles continue to thrive. Community engagement includes the support of a local school and a dispensary. To shepherd this project, a doctoral student will be studying the impact of community engaged conservation on nesting and foraging marine turtles.


Research: Establishment and operation of a field station that will facilitate the research of a doctoral student including nest site monitoring, field surveys, genetic analysis and habitat monitoring.

Practice: Support for the management of the marine protected area through training, equipment and manpower.

Outreach: Community outreach and support for the local school and dispensary specifically targeting quality of life for the local community and improving relations with community leadership and fishers.

Project location - Guinea, Africa