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Mubadala projects

Mubadala Investment Company, the Abu Dhabi-based sovereign investor, has entered a three-year partnership with the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund (MBZ Fund) to support conservation initiatives around the world. Through the partnership, Mubadala Investment Company will provide the MBZ Fund with US $1.5 million annually to be directed towards supporting endangered flora and fauna in Africa, and Asia; particularly in countries where Mubadala Investment Company has portfolio companies including Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand – representing some of the world’s biodiversity hotspots.

These grants, while larger in scope and longer in duration than the traditional MBZ Fund small grants programme, complement the MBZ Fund’s already significant support for species conservation globally, and the Fund’s policy of supporting hands on, field conservation activities. These “Mubadala Grants” are implemented by our trusted and experienced local conservation partners, supported by Mubadala and its assets, and managed by the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund. All the partners in this effort are dedicated to conserving the species that form the building blocks of life on earth and by applying their passions for conservation will help turn the tides against the extinction crisis.

Sage grouse safe haven in Canada

Greater Sage grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus)

Calgary, Canada

May 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024

Habitat Restoration to Sustain Sage-grouse in Canada

Tree frog conservation in Colombia

Lynch's Colombian tree frog (Hyloscirtus lynchi)

Santander, Colombia

September 1, 2020 - August 31, 2023

Searching for Lynch's Colombian Treefrog

Standing tall: Oaks of Colombia

Colombian Oak Tree (Quercus humboldtii )

Santander, Colombia

September 1, 2020 - August 31, 2023

Standing tall: Protecting Colombia's oak trees

Bird on a wire: Colombian mountain grackle

Colombian Mountain Grackle (Macroagelaius subalaris)

Santander, Colombia

September 1, 2021 - November 30, 2022

The research and conservation of the Endangered Colombian Mountain Grackle

Guinea’s Gentle Giants: African manatee

African manatee (Trichechus senegalensis)

Coastal Areas and Interior Rivers of Guinea

March 1, 2021 - February 29, 2024

African manatee threat assessment and capacity building

Dolphin Quest: Guinea

Atlantic humpback dolphin (Sousa teuszii)

Coastal Waters of Guinea and West Africa

January 1, 2022 - May 1, 2024

Research and conservation of the Atlantic humpback dolphin in Guinea

Community Conservation of Sea Turtles

Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata )

Katrack Island, Tristao Archipelago, Guinea

March 1, 2021 - May 1, 2024

Community conservation of marine turtles and their habitat in Guinea's Tristao archipelago

Protecting Thailand’s River Monsters

Smooth-coated otter (Lutrogale perspicillata)

Kaeng Krachan National Park, Phetchaburi, Thailand

March 1, 2021 - May 1, 2024

Wildlife Conservation along the Petchburi River in Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand

Indonesia’s Seagrass and Coral Nursery

Corals, mostly Acropora (Acropora spp., Pocillopora spp., Porites spp.)

Salissingan Island, West Sulawesi, Indonesia

March 1, 2021 - May 1, 2024

Establishing a Marine Protected Area (MPA) and restoring coral and seagrass habitat for sea turtles in Indonesia

Wild Cats at the Edge

Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae)

Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia.

March 1, 2021 - May 1, 2024

Wild cats at the edge: Conserving threatened felids in human-dominated landscapes in Sumatra

Saving the Spotted Greenshank

Spotted greenshank (Tringa guttifer)

Ban Laem District, Phetchaburi, Thailand

March 1, 2021 - May 1, 2024

Securing the wintering grounds of the Endangered Spotted Greenshank