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Start Date
March 1, 2021
End Date
May 1, 2024

Project Summary

The Atlantic humpback dolphin lives in waters near shore along the tropical waters of west Africa. It has been document to exist, in low numbers, in 12 countries, including Guinea. In 2015, the last time this dolphin was officially studied in Guinea, the researchers documented only 47 animals. The International Union for Conservation of Nature assigned it a status of Critically Endangered, particularly from being accidentally caught fishing nets and other gear, but also being deliberately hunted.

This project will assess the distribution and number of Atlantic humpback dolphin in Guinea and the other 11 West African countries where it has bee documented. Noting its key habitats, the study will also carefully document the threats to the species and seek to minimize these threats to help the dolphins continue survive. Once more is known about the status of dolphin in this area, efforts will be made to collaborate with local communities to conserve it into the long-term future.


Research: Search for and document the species in suitable habitat up and down the west coast of Africa, establishing a population baseline that will allow assessment of the species survival rates into the future.

Outreach: Collaborate with local communities, particularly fishers, to minimize the threat of accidentally catching the dolphin in fishing gear and to stop purposely targeting this endangered species.

Project location - Guinea, Africa