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Robert Baldwin - Environment Society of Oman


The Fund receives a very large number of applications, and so it is intended that the Advisory Board would assess applications received three times per year, and pass its recommendation on to the Fund’s board of driectors. Thus the Fund will set application deadlines (corresponding to midnight GMT) for applications submitted which will receive a response by a certain date with the current timetable as follows:

  • For applications submitted before the end of 30th June, 2021, applicants should receive a reply in mid-September 2021.
This timetable stands for now despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Please note that the submission deadlines are inflexible, and that the dates for a response to applicants are estimates depending on the workload for the review process. The application deadline time is based on GMT.

The application and review timetable for the remainder of 2021 will be as follows:

  • 30th June, 2021 for a response in late September 2021 
  • 31st October, 2021 for a repsonse in late December 2021.