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Message from the MBZ Fund regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

Given the extraordinary circumstances in which the world finds itself the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund would like to take the opportunity to express our thanks and admiration for the hundreds of people who continue to dedicate their lives to the conservation of species and biodiversity. The Fund would like to reassure its stakeholders and interested parties that it will continue its commitment to support species conservation initiatives globally. Please find below some important points for grant recipients, grant applicants waiting for a decision on their application, and those intending to submit an application.

  • The MBZ Fund will continue to operate as close to normal as is reasonable. Grant applications will be reviewed and grants disbursed to successful applicants. Please click on the following links to view the Timetable, the Frequently Asked Questions and the Criteria.
  • For now the MBZ Fund will still be disbursing grants to approved projects, in the hope that this will enable grant recipients to either begin projects as planned if there has been no impact from the pandemic, or to commence projects as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • The Fund office has been closed for public health and safety reasons, but staff will still be working. In order to manage expectations, please note that there may be a slowdown in response time, and that some activities may take a little longer than usual (eg bank transfers).
  • For current projects do please let the Fund management know through the online reporting process if your project has been impacted by recent developments leading to delays, and how you intend to manage the delay and/or revise the project.
  • If for some reason you feel that it has now become impossible to implement the project for which you were awarded a grant, do please get in touch with the Fund directly.
  • For now the MBZ Fund is operating its review and project approval process on the basis that the pandemic will pass (even though the timeframe is unclear) and that species conservation projects will eventually be able to resume as previously.
  • The MBZ Fund will amend this notice should there be significant changes in the near future, so please keep an eye on the website for updates.
  • The MBZ Fund team would like to pass on their best wishes at this difficult time. Please keep up the amazing work and most importantly stay safe!

Razan Al Mubarak
Frederic Launay
Nicolas Heard
Maya Bankova
Maya Korayem
Kirk Duthler