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Second site discovered for Tanzania’s Critically Endnagered Amani flatwing dragonfly

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The recent discovery of a second site where the Amani flatwing dragonfly lives may help increase its chances of survival.

The Fund gave Dr. Viola Clausnitzer $8,000 to help conserve the Amani flatwing dragonfly (Amanipodagrion gilliesi)  in Tanzania. The grant helped fund a community workshop and train local field guides to identify and conserve this Critically Endangered species. Dr Clausnitzer recently reported to the Fund that “The field guides, who do the monitoring, have reported a 2nd site, where they found the Amani Flatwing. The future of this species is in much safer hands than before, just because the local people are aware of the rarity within their forest.”

Although the discovery of the second site helps to ensure the longer term survival of this threatened dragonfly, Dr. Clausnitzer emphasizes the need for a 2nd community workshop to guarantee the continuation of the monitoring, to observe the establishment of the information material and to encourage the ambitions of local stakeholders (field guides, farmers, conservationists) to continue monitoring.

You can read more about Dr. Clausnitzer’s dragonfly project in the case study section of our website here.

Dr Clausnitzer