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Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundations’ generous support

Since 2013, the Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation (SWCCF) has generously contributed $314,515 to support cat conservation projects through the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund (MBZF).

As a reputable Foundation with an incredible global support structure, we asked Founder and Director, Dr Jim Sanderson, why partnering with the MBZF ticks all the boxes for SWCCF.

“The MBZF application portal is the single most effective global recruiting tool for wild cat conservation projects. As an established conservation agency, the MBZF receives a large number of submissions from all over the world, whether from first-time applicants or experienced conservation practitioners. It’s impossible for a small NGO like SWCCF to reach such an audience. Their application process is straightforward and encourages applicants to reason their projects through from actions to the budget that supports those actions. If an application is rejected, we can easily contact the applicant to encourage an improved proposal for resubmission. Such a capability is rarely within the rules of reviewing proposals.

With an increased number of worthy projects, more applicants deserve funding, but the wild cat budget is limited since the MBZF support ALL species and are not only focused on wild cats. This is another reason why the SWCCF is happy to assist with top-up funding, allowing the MBZF to support more wild cat proposals.

The additional SWCCF funding also caters for continuous project support allowing new applicants to build a long-term relationship with the MBZF. Apart from supporting first time applicants, worthy projects can also apply for follow-on funding with the success of these projects tracked by mid-term and end of project reports. Often, MBZF’s stamp of approval also opens doors for external funding.

Over a decade of working together, we believe to have created the model blueprint and urge other species specialists to follow suit. Conservation success can only be achieved through successful symbiotic partnerships, the MBZF/SWCCF one is testament to that.

Dr Jim Sanderson
Founder and Director