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MBZ Fund publishes 2013 Annual Report

Hot off the presses, the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund is issuing its 2013 Annual Report. The report is available for download in English and Arabic as a high resolution pdf. See the links at the end of this post. Other formats will be made available shortly.

In 2013 more than $1,600,000 was awarded to species conservation in more than 83 countries world-wide. Since inception in 2008 the Fund has contributed almost $11m 1,080 projects across the world.

The report’s 100 pages highlight the work of conservationists who received financial support from the Fund in 2013. The annual report highlights projects from all species types including the Anatolian Viper, Baluchistan black bear, Australian lungfish, Juan Fernandez diving beetle, Large bellflower,  Tooth-billed pigeon and Harlequin frog.

[su_document url=”http://www.speciesconservation.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/MbZSCF_AR2014_ENGLSH-weboptimized.pdf” width=”200″ height=”200″]

Please take the time to download the report (6 MBs). You can request a hard copy of the report by sending at email to media (AT) mbzspeciesconservation.org

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To download the Arabic Version Click Here:  MbZSCF_AR 2013_ARABIC weboptimized

For download the English Version Click Here: MbZSCF_AR2014_ENGLSH weboptimized

SWCCA contributes $3,160 toward two projects

The Small Wild Cat Conservation Alliance (SWCCA) generously contributed $3,160 toward two projects that were recently supported by the Fund. Together both organizations were able contribute more than $28,160 to wild cat conservation during this round of grant giving.

This is the second time SWCCA and the Fund have combined finances to ensure strong support for wild cat conservation, when in December 2013 SWCCA and the Fund donated $33,000 to small wild cat conservation.

The Fund would like to express its deep appreciation to the SWCCA for its continued commitment and tireless efforts on behalf of wild cat conservation globally.

For more information about the Small Wild Cat Conservation Alliance, please visit their website.

Fund gives another $500k to Species Conservation

The Fund supported 61 more conservation projects with $508,875 bringing the total amount donated to species conservation to $10,866, 366 in less than 5 years. Here is a short sample of the 61 projects in the latest round of grant giving.

  •  $12,000 to build a conservation learning center for black rhino in Zambia;
  •  $20,000 to assess the conservation status of fungi in Egypt;
  •  $12,000 to assess the distribution of a critically endangered dragonfly in the mountains of UAE and Oman;
  •  Two Fishing cat projects, one in Nepal and the other in India, with more than $20,000;
  • $12,000 to investigate the breeding grounds of the Townsend´s Shearwater on three islands off Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Many of the grant recipients have created case studies on our website and you can view these by navigating to the case study section of our website. If you are interested in apply for a grant, please visit our grant application page and apply before our next deadline.