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Acer skutchii (Acer skutchii)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 11053094

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 11053094) - Acer skutchii - Awarded $4,000 on February 06, 2012

I examined the geographic distribution, morphological variability, levels of genetic diversity, inbreeding, gene flow, and evolutionary relationships of all Acer skutchii populations in America. As a result of the project, I was able to discover a new maple species for western Mexico: Acer binzayedii. Initially, it was considered that it was the same species of sugar maple, distributed along Mexico and Guatemala (Acer skutchii). Thus, Acer bizayedii, the new maple species is present in only two localities in Jalisco state, and Acer skutchii is distributed in one locality in northeast Mexico, one locality in southern Mexico, and in two small areas in Guatemala.

This finding strengthened the need to establish a protected area in western Mexico to preserve the species. The new protected area has the State Park category; it was created on January 2016 to ensure the preservation of Acer binzayedii and its natural habitat.

In addition, the genetic characterization performed at all populations indicated which populations and trees contain the highest genetic diversity. Those were characterized as best seed sources and will be used to obtain seedlings for planting and restore the forest natural habitat. 

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