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Añelo Sand dunes lizard (Liolaemus cuyumhue)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 220520673

Does the Añelo Sand Dunes Lizard lives in a stressful environment?

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 220520673) - Añelo Sand dunes lizard - Awarded $5,000 on November 26, 2022

Research and conservation activities: 1) Determine the reproductive cycles of males and females of the Añelo Sand Dunes Lizard by ultrasound determinations, the sizes at sexual maturity and the clutch size; 2) Determine the estrogen and progesterone cycles in females and the testosterone cycle in males; 3) Study the corticosterone cycle in both sexes; 4) Evaluate body condition and individual immune status; 5) Identify the thermal conditions of the microenvironments in which the specimens are found and the availability of thermal microenvironments, throughout the season of activity. Replicate the study in two populations of ASDL, one in an environment affected by oil exploitation and another in a non-affected environment, to identify if this lizard is under environmental stress and their effect on reproductive and immunological physiology. 6) Identify sensitivity areas for reproduction. Educational/public outreach activities: 1) Provide environmental counseling and explain the conservation strategy for the Añelo Sand Dune Lizard to the oil companies; 2) Promote the importance of environmentally friendly practices in oil exploitation; 3) Keep working together with local schools (Añelo, Neuquén and Aguada San Roque) to transmit appropriate conservation approaches involving children.

Project 220520673 location - Argentina, South America