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Alindanaw (Risiocnemis antoniae)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 14259226

Distribution and habitat assessment of Risiocnemis antoniae: A Less known endangered damselfly from Eastern Mindanao, Philippines

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 14259226) - Alindanaw - Awarded $8,000 on October 02, 2014

The Philippine archipelago has around 300 species of Odonata (dragonfly and damselfly). Majority of these are endemic in the country, and mostly are confined in a group of island, an island, or even a set of mountain range within the island. This high number of endemic species reaching nearly 80% for damselflies is remarkable. It is unfortunate though that many of these endemic species are threatened from habitat modification and loss. The IUCN assessment for randomly sampled 40 Philippine Odonata revealed a significantly high number of species being threatened. A third of those faces threat and are listed in the Redlist category. A number of which are also listed as data deficient.

Risiocnemis antoniae (Platycnemididae: Odonata) is one of those species listed as endangered in the latest IUCN Redlist of Threatened Species (IUCN RedList, 2013). Since this species was ranked as endangered in 2009, no active research is being made to learn more about this species. Until the present, no information is available on the population status and population trend. The exact distributional range is virtually unknown however the project will be mapping the species distribution from the municipality of Gov. Generoso, Davao Oriental where it was first spotted. The proponent therefore would like to answer questions pertaining to the biology and ecology of Risiocnemis antoniae. This is the first step in order to implement active conservation measures for a species that is neglected for quite some time. 

The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund is a significant philanthropic endowment established to provide targeted grants to individual species conservation initiatives, recognize leaders in the field of species conservation, and elevate the importance of species in the broader conservation debate. The funding provided by the MBZSCF allowed us to make effective conservation efforts to our endangered and valuable fauna Risiocnemis antoniae. Mapping the distribution of the endangered Risiocnemis antoniae (Platycnemididae: Odonata) will provide a vital piece of information towards its conservation. Since the only known range of R. antoniae is within the municipality of Governor Generoso Davao Oriental, all fluvial systems and possible habitats will be visited to document its range. The neighboring municipality of San Isidro and Mati City will be explored to check for extension of the species range. Individual search using hand netting will be the main method to be used. Results of the study will be shared to the local government officials and local villagers of Gov. Generoso in creating conservation plan for this less known species. Knowing that ‘Extinction is forever' I believed that this species is worth saving.

Project 14259226 location - Philippines, Asia