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Amani Flatwing (Amanipodagrion gilliesi)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 12254044

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 12254044) - Amani Flatwing - Awarded $8,000 on October 16, 2012

Conservation project for the endemic and CR listed Amani Flatwing, East Usambara Mts

Dr. Viola Clausnitzer (DSG), Nike Doggart & Eustack Mtui (TFCG) and Amani Nature Reserve

The Amani Flatwing (Amanipodagrion gilliesi) is a genetically isolated relict species dwelling along streams the Amani Sigi Forest. It is only known to occur on 2 streams within the Amani-Sigi forest of the East Usambara Mountains in north-eastern Tanzania. Not much is known about the species' ecology, but it seems to be restricted to clear and fast streams in a tiny part of the Amani-Sigi Forest, with the prime population found along the small stream beyond the Sigi Forest station.

Though the Amani-Sigi Forest is currently legally protected within the Amani Nature Reserve, the protection is very fragile with a growing population pressure and ongoing small-scale mining in the areas. The limited distribution range of the Amani Flatwing and the still ongoing habitat destruction make the species a candidate of high conservation concern on the rim of extinction. A single event of polluting the streams or an extreme drought might be the end of this species.

The Amani Flatwing is listed as Critically Endangered (CR) on the IUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesTM (www.iucnredlist.org) and its survival depends on monitoring and conserving the habitat and the population, while at the same time more information on the species' ecology is allocated for species specific habitat management.

To secure the species' survival on earth a workshop was jointly organized by the Tanzanian Forest Conservation Group (TFCG) and a German Scientist, generously supported by the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund. Led by TFCG senior officer Eustack Mtui and Dr. Viola Clausnitzer a mixed group of village representatives, tourist guides and conservationists had a workshop, including a field trip to see the elusive rarity of the Amani-Sigi Forest.

Attention was also paid to the necessity of a healthy environment for human well being. Here clean water and sufficient water is a key element. Dragonflies, who spend their larval life in the water, can act as "guardians of the watershed" – indicating the quality of the water habitat.


Project 12254044 location - Tanzania, Africa