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Andean tiger cat (Leopardus tigrinus pardinoides)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 232532256

Small wild cats in the metropolis: conservation of the Andean tiger cat in threatened reserves of the Colombian Coffee Region.

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 232532256) - Andean tiger cat - Awarded $8,500 on November 05, 2023

We will take action toward the conservation of the Andean tiger cat while monitoring its population status in two key protected areas; Alto del Nudo and Barbas-Bremen. The species(camera trapping)monitoring should involve several stages to cover the entire area, one phase per six months, the first in Alto del Nudo and the second in Barbas-Bremen. The conservation actions already in place include vaccination and educational campaigns, but the reduction of wildlife mortality in primary roads and dog population growth through neutering campaigns. Previous monitoring was conducted in the areas with strong indications of high roadkill mortality and recurrent presence of domestic dogs, both imminent risks for Andean tiger cat survival. The local human perception towards felids will also be evaluated to balance an education program already started about Andean tiger cat and cloud forest conservation. Utilizing data on population changes and fluctuations will enable us to safeguard the species by implementing an adaptive management approach that involves concrete conservation measures. Initial evaluations are suggestive of a population drop and antagonistic interactions with dogs. Finally, we will train a new generation of local wildlife conservationists , as they are immediately needed in the Risaralda department.

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