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Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 160512553

Accessing the current state of conservation of the casqued-headed bromeliad-breeding frog Aparasphenodon arapapa endemic to the Atlantic Forest of Brazil

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 160512553) - Aparasphenodon arapapa - Awarded $2,500 on July 07, 2016

We have succeeded in finding the species Aparasphenodon arapapa in areas where for almost 10 years there was no other record of the species. We have found individuals in calling behavior and also juveniles inside bromeliads. The reproductive activity is a good indicator that the species is still having success to maintain a population there. On the other hand, the species is demanding for bromeliads that are covered by vegetation (short trees and bushes) and it does not occur in any 'restinga' environment.

The areas where the species inhabits are threatened by loss of habitat and local fires. Fires are caused to improve the land for palm oil planting, widely used in the state's cuisine. Fortunately, we found patches of vegetation still intact with cover of vegetation of arboreal, shrubby and open restinga. The only preservation area nearby is the Jataipeba Private Reserve, which has 297.76 ha.




Project 160512553 location - Brazil, South America