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aspília (Aspilia grazielae)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 11052370

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 11052370) - aspília - Awarded $2,500 on January 03, 2012

Aspilia grazielae Santos is an endemic shrub species of the Urucum Mountains in the Pantanal Region. The occurrence of this species is restrict to the upper parts of the mountains, above the 700 meters. The Urucum Mountains are recognized as the third major mine of iron ore in the world. Over the past years, large corporations of the mine industry invested heavily in expanding mine areas in this region. This process exerts strong pressure on the population of Aspilia grazielae, since the highest concentrations of iron ore in the soil occurs from 700 meters up the mountain top. Several aspects about the biology of this species are unclear, since 2002 listed as threatened species in the brazilian red list of flora species. The aims of this project are: Evaluate the number of individuals and the spatial distribution pattern of Aspilia grazielae in the Urucum Mountains; Appoint the phenological phases and compare with climatic aspects; Promove the individuals reintroduction in abandonied mine areas using seedlings; Follow the stablishment success along the 24 months of study; Present the results of this work in a national botanical event and submit the publication in journals of wide dissemination; Provide subsidies for the conservation of Aspilia grazielae.

Project 11052370 location - Brazil, South America