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Baird's tapir (Tapirus bairdii)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 202523540

Empowerment of communities for the conservation of Danto (Tapirus bairdii) in the wetlands ecological park of Mahogany, Nicaragua.

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 202523540) - Baird's tapir - Awarded $12,000 on May 05, 2020
 Objectives of the Project:   1. Generate knowledge through a diagnosis of the conservation status and quality of the tapir habitat in Mahogany Park. 2. Develop an environmental education program with students, teachers, community producers, and park rangers, on the biological and ecological importance of the tapir.3. Raise awareness through the dissemination of the project and delivery of educational material in the communities.   Project Activities: 1. Training of community researchers.2. Diagnosis of the conservation status of the Tapirus bairdii in the Mahogany Park.3. Execution of an environmental education program in the communities of the Mahogany Park.4. Dissemination of educational material and project results in the Mahogany Park communities. 

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