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Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 160513368

Kalimantan Cat Conservation: Identifying Hotspots for Cryptic Predators

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 160513368) - Bay cat - Awarded $4,800 on October 11, 2016


By working in three distinct habitat types and forest areas we will carry out the first comprehensive Kalimantan-wide camera trap survey focusing on the Bornean small cats. The surveys will take place at 1) Sabangau: BNF's long-term site where cameras have been in place since May 2008 covering an area of 50km2 within a landscape of 5600km2. The Sunda clouded leopard as previously been the focus for this site, and no targeted work has been done on the small cats. 2) Rungan: a small community protection forest where the presence of clouded leopards was confirmed in 2010 by our team but more intensive work and a change of method is required to obtain more information on the small cats in addition to the clouded leopards. This is a newly designated protected forest of about 100km2 within a larger landscape of 1600km2. 3) Murung Raya region: a mountainous area where clouded leopards have been confirmed but where again little work has been done on biodiversity other than habitat and primates. There is an estimated 68,000km2 of peat-swamp forest remaining in Kalimantan (Miettinen et al. 2011, Meittinen et al. 2012) thus these forests could be of significant importance to the long-term survival of all Bornean felid species. Thus far no evidence of a bay cat has ever been confirmed in a peat-swamp forest. Very limited information is available on the behavioural ecology of the small cats and there are no density estimates for these species. More information on our work and links to Borneo Nature Foundation here.


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