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Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 202524398

From expert estimates to evidence-based conservation action for critically endangered bush-cricket

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 202524398) - Bei-Bienko’s Plump Bush-cricket - Awarded $23,100 on January 01, 2021

Following the objectives of this project, the main activities are arranged as follows:


1) Objective1: Ecology of the threatened bush-cricket


a) Survey of historical and recent sites, providing information on the current species distribution, including the identification of stepping stones among isolated subpopulations.


b) Estimation of subpopulation sizes and thus identification of priority areas for conservation.


c) Study of micro-habitat requirements and temporal changes of habitat availability. This activity is especially needed for effective species management in terms of the prediction of bush-cricket distribution.


d) Determination of habitat changes during the last 60 years and reconstruction of the species distribution in the past. This activity is crucial in terms of the understanding of the species distribution in the past compared to the current status.


2) Objective2: Threat analysis


a) Identification of major threats. Clarification of major threats, including lessons from the past, current observations and potential future threats.


Objective3: Creating of conservation plan 


This activity will include novel and comprehensive analysis based on results obtained in Objective 1 and 2, including complex interactions within a landscape shaped by human land use and development of translocation strategy. 


Objective4: Species support 


Establishment of back-up population(s). Crucial conservation measure expected to improve connectivity among subpopulations in fragmented landscape and thus reduce extinction risk.

Project 202524398 location - Slovakia, Europe