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Black eyed tree frog (Agalychnis moreletii)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 152511434

Assessing threats and opportunities for Agalychnis moreletii conservation, linking reproductive success, habitat suitability and chytridiomycosis presence for population restoration

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 152511434) - Black eyed tree frog - Awarded $12,500 on January 14, 2016

Overall goal: • Understand the environmental conditions for successful reproduction of Agalychnis moreletii in order to design integral conservation strategies focused in habitat preservation and corridor establishment. Analyze corridor viability through habitat analysis and willingness to change land use in the area. Help local communities to develop conservation strategies for a sustainable exploitation of their natural resources, particularly trough ecotouristic projects involving A. moreletii and other herps. Project purpose: • Analyze the relative importance of different environmental factors to offspring success to help to implement effective actions to preserve Agalychnis moreletii and its habitat. Project objectives: • Analyze the offspring success under different conditions along a disturbance gradient in Nahá-Metzabok protected area. • Develop an environmental education program to implement with the local community, where Agalychnis moreletii inhabits. • Improve the community livelihood trough a training program to offer guided visits for tourist looking for amphibians and reptiles. • Film a 10 minutes documentary to explain the importance of protected areas like our study site and ecotouristic activities to species conservation. • Implementing poles to local owners to assess willingness to allow changes in land use and make a spatial analysis to define the lower cost and more effective corridors for their later implementation.

Project 152511434 location - Mexico, North America