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Black lion tamarin (Leontopithecus chrysopygus)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 152511281

Conservation Program of the black lion tamarin (Leontopithecus chrysopygus) in the Carlos Botelho State Park, Paranapiacaba Ecological Continuum

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 152511281) - Black lion tamarin - Awarded $10,000 on November 03, 2015

The black lion tamarin is an endemic primate of the Atlantic Forest of São Paulo State, Brazil. Throughout the territory of distribution of the species, there were only eight locations possible to find the species. Recently, there was the discovery of a new location: Carlos Botelho State Park (CBSP), one of the Protected Areas belonging to the Paranapiacaba Ecological Continuum and Elguero Farm: farm of production of fruits and Pinus elliottii with contiguous forest to CBSP forests.

The focus of this study is this new population, which there is no knowledge yet. This research program proposes the execution of actions aimed at the knowledge of this, in order to develop strategies for the conservation of primate in the “Alto Paranapanema” Basin. The main goals are: evaluate the habitat and the population status of the species in the Carlos Botelho State Park (CBSP) and its Buffer Zone; acquire information about the occurrence of the species in new locations; create a Protected Area, the Private Natural Heritage Reserve (RNHR), in the forests of Elguero Farm; include the population studied in the planning of Ecological Corridors in progress for the species under the responsibility of other institutions; contribute with the aims of the National Action Plan for the Conservation of Mammals of the Central Atlantic Forest.



Project 152511281 location - Brazil, South America