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The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund has awarded 607 grants constituting a total donation of $6,068,680 for species conservation projects based in Africa.

Conservation Case Studies in Africa

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 0925787) - Basra Reed Warbler - Awarded $10,000 on September 30, 2010
30-09-2010 - Basra Reed Warbler

Basra Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus grisseldis), listed as endangered is facing serious conservation problems with developers planning to transform nearly 50,000 acres of its wintering site (Tana River Delta) into sugarcane plantations, rice and biofuel production. The study aims to establish its population status, evaluate the potential threats affecting their population and possible adoption of economically viable land use practices compatible ...

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 0925660) - Red-capped Mangabey - Awarded $15,000 on September 30, 2010
30-09-2010 - Red-capped Mangabey

The Red-capped mangabey is a strikingly attractive primate found from Nigeria to Gabon. It is Vulnerable, and under most threat in Nigeria where the vast human population is placing increasing pressure through demand for bushmeat and timber. CERCOPAN's operation is reducing both hunting and logging in community forests in SE Nigeria, with plans for reintroduction of the species into protected forest.

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 0905724) - Black rhino - Awarded $10,000 on September 30, 2010
30-09-2010 - Black rhino

Yearly percentage of females calving is the best fitting function of Plant Available Nutrient (PAN) and Moisture (PAM) in predicting black rhino population performance. Low PAN, high PAM areas yield maximum reproductive returns while high PAN, high PAM areas yield the converse for black rhino. This study contributes to selection criteria for areas that yield maximum reproductive returns for black rhinos insitu.

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 0905700) - William's Lark - Awarded $5,000 on August 19, 2010
19-08-2010 - William's Lark

This study was to undertake population survey and environmental threat assessment of Williams’ Lark, Mirafra williamsi, in and around Shaba National Reserve IBA. Specific objectives were to investigate the population parameters; size and local density, and environmental conditions in the reserve. The research was conducted at rocky lava plains with scattered grasses in Shaba reserve and its environs.

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 10251371) - Barbary Macaque - Awarded $10,000 on July 15, 2010
15-07-2010 - Barbary Macaque

This cross-disciplinary conservation project focuses on the Barbary macaque (Macaca sylvanus) as a flagship species for the threatened flora, fauna and fungi of the unique and diverse ecosystems of northern Morocco. The project works with local people to gather scientific data and raise their awareness so they can work to safeguard the species, its habitats, and their own livelihoods.

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 0925454) - Hawksbill Turtle  - Awarded $15,000 on July 13, 2010
13-07-2010 - Hawksbill Turtle

This project aims to identify regionally-important turtle populations and threats to their survival and to increase the capacity of coastal communities in the Comoros, Northern Madagascar and Mauritius to protect sea turtles and develop sustainable livelihoods such as sea turtle-based ecotourism.

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 0905407) - Okapi - Awarded $25,000 on July 13, 2010
13-07-2010 - Okapi

The Okapi Conservation Project in Epulu, DR Congo conserves the wildlife and flora of the Ituri Forest. Focusing on program areas of agro-forestry, wildlife protection and conservation education, we encourage Congolese people to participate in forest stewardship which is home to important populations of chimpanzees, forest elephants and the endemeic okapi. Current threats to the Ituri Forest include illegal hunting, mining and timber ...

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 10051333) - Turner's Eremomela - Awarded $4,000 on July 06, 2010
06-07-2010 - Turner's Eremomela

We surveyed Turner's Eremomela and other birds on the more disturbed western end of South Nandi forest, Kenya and sampled birds just outside forest to assess how far forest birds disperse towards neighbouring Kakamega forest. Results showed lower T. Eremomela records, lower overall bird diversity and species richness, and lower general habitat quality on this side, but higher higher human-disturbance than on the eastern side of forest. Only large ...

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 10051326) - Sanje mangabey - Awarded $2,647 on July 06, 2010
06-07-2010 - Sanje mangabey

Our study examines gastrointestinal parasitic infection in a population of endangered Sanje mangabeys in the Udzungwa Scarp Forest Reserve, Tanzania. Through primate censuses and fecal collection, we document infection prevalence in relation to human encroachment and habitat destruction. As there are fewer than 1000 individuals left in this population, assessing the risk of disease infection is a necessary step for effective conservation.

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 10051129) - Grevy's zebra - Awarded $4,595 on July 05, 2010
05-07-2010 - Grevy's zebra

The aims of this project were to (1) understand the factors influencing foal survival in the endangered Grevy's zebra, and (2) investigate how landscape use patterns of lactating female zebra are influenced by differences in forage quality. We discovered that first year foal survival is less than 30% and that lactating females choose areas in which forage contains significantly higher quantities of key nutrients.

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