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Caquetá titi monkey (Plecturocebus caquetensis)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 212528355

In search of local people to design community-based conservation strategies for the critically endangered Plecturocebus caquetensis in Piamonte, Colombia

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 212528355) - Caquetá titi monkey - Awarded $13,500 on April 12, 2022


1. Identify priority households in Piamonte, Cauca, based on Plecturocebus caquetensis occurrences; findings in educational and consultative workshops on species recognizance and conservation will of local communities, to initiate the creation of conservation strategies with interested locals.


2. Create strategies for the conservation of Plecturocebus caquetensis, based on continuous conversation and agreement with local communities in meetings, workshops, or other sharing spaces, to find viable conservation actions landed on local and species needs.


3. Visibilize Plecturocebus caquetensis biology and ecology knowledge and urge of conservation actions and opportunities, based on education in the workshops and meetings spaces with stakeholders (i.e. local community, environmental authorities), to increase species recognizance and awareness in Piamonte, Cauca


4. Train local community members in primates and biodiversity recognition and watching, based on theoretical and practical modules led by local nature experts and members of the project team (Gerlando Delgado and Alexis Ruiza), to enhance local capacity in implementing conservation strategies such as ecotourism guidance.

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