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Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 182518595

Are forest-collected bromeliads used by frogs? Integrating field research, citizen science and outreach toward the conservation of bromeliad frogs

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 182518595) - Carvalho's Tree Toad - Awarded $3,900 on December 01, 2018

This novel conservation proposal has strong emphasis on fieldwork research, citizen science, and environmental education toward conservation and management of Atlantic Forest biodiversity. This proposal focuses on protecting threatened bromeliad frogs at the landscape scale by studying sustainable management practices in properties surrounding reserves. This proposal goes beyond a species-specific focus and will have a broad impact on science and management practices by:

i) inventorying bromeliad and associated frogs at farm’s garden,

ii) determining the bromeliad species targeted by illegal collection,

iii) surveying remote areas and forest canopy, potentially finding new species and populations of frogs and bromeliads,

iv) engaging local students on citizen science program through amphibian monitoring;

v) providing natural history and ecological data for species risk assessments, vi) mentoring and training of local biologists,

vii) strengthening the value of the local research center through scientific publications and enriching the botanical and zoological collection with specimens,

viii) organizing outreach activities for local farmers and students,

ix) communicating scientific and educational lessons directly to the State Agency of Protection of Natural Environment. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the objectives of this proposal are integral and pertinent to the Amphibian Conservation Action Plan priorities elaborated by the Global Amphibian Specialist Group (GASG) through the IUCN.

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Project 182518595 location - Brazil, South America