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Chambo (Oreochromis lidole)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 192522631

Fish for Tomorrow in Lake Malawi - extension of Ripple Africa's community led fish conservation project into Salima District

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 192522631) - Chambo - Awarded $12,500 on March 24, 2020

The project aims to: 1. educate local communities about the dangers of overfishing and catching fish before they are able to breed 2. help fishing communities set up and run Fish Conservation Committees (FCCs) at selected landing sites in Salima (including those where Oreochromis species, known locally as Chambo are not the main species caught). FCCs will comprise non-fishers (60%) and fishers (40%) to ensure that all members of the community benefitting from sustainable fishing practices are represented. 30% of all members will be women to ensure gender inclusivity. 3. help District officials and community members develop District Fish Conservation bylaws to reinforce the project's aims and empower FCCs to issue local fishing permits, conduct patrols, and confiscate illegal fishing nets. 4. identify Chambo breeding areas and train and support nearby FCCs to protect them. 5. enable FCCs to enforce a closed fishing season on gill nets. This will protect Chambo and other species of fish caught with these and benefit other species caught as bycatch. 6. educate non fishing communities to ensure that casual fishers are aware of the bylaws, and schoolchildren to teach the next generation of fishers about the importance of sustainable fishing practices.

Project 192522631 location - Malawi, Africa