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Darien Black spider monkey (Ateles fusciceps rufiventris)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 13257508

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 13257508) - Darien Black spider monkey - Awarded $6,000 on January 16, 2014

FCPP started a long-term project monitoring habitat use of non-human primates in four locations in Panama using OCS. This monitoring program has primarily focused on: Mantled howler monkey (Alouatta palliata palliata), Equatorian howler monkey (A. p. aequatorialis), Azuero howler monkey (A. coibensis trabeata), Coiba howler monkey (A. c. coibensis), Panamanian Black spider monkey (Ateles fusciceps rufiventris), Azuero spider monkey (A. geoffroyi azuerensis), capuchin monkey (Cebus capucinus imitator, C. c. capucinus), Chiriqui's Squirrel monkey (Saimiri oerstedii oerstedii), Geoffroy's Tamarin (Saguinus geoffroyi) and Panamanian owl monkey (Aotus zonalis).

The main objective of this project is to monitor primate populations, confirm presence/absence of arboreal fauna in Panama, and detect strategic places to deploy camera traps for long periods, so we can improve the information of primate actual distribution, behaviour, habitat use and conservation status. The OCS will be tested for feasibility for tracking arboreal mammals. Moreover, this information will be important to obtain comparable data that could help the Environmental Authority of Panama (ANAM) and FCPP to conserve primate populations in deforested and protected areas within the country. This project was created by my person since 2001, to protect non-human Primates species already living in Azuero Peninsula and Coiba Island, and Panama in general, with special attention in those who are endemic, in critical status of extinction or living under high deforested habitats like the Azuero and Coiba howler monkey (Alouatta coibensis) and Azuero spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi azuerensis). We have been growing and with our trained people we have now local biologists working as volunteers in different parts of Panama. Thus, we have projects in Burica Peninsula to conserve Saimiri oerstedii oerstedii, which is regionally endemic from Panama and is Endangered. We have projects in Boquete (highlands) working with Cebus capucinus imitator. This monkey is very smart and learn how to harvest the crops, so FCPP is trying to find out alternatives to save them before the people start killing them as happened in Azuero. We also have studies in Chucanti Natural Reserve to save another Critically Endangered primate, the Ateles fusciceps rufiventris from Darien who is losing its habitat by deforestation. In each place where we are conducting projects we do the same thre basics roles: Conduct Scientific studies, Train local personel to work with us, and do talks for environmental education acompanied with t-shirts, stickers and educational guides for the local teachers. All this projects have been carried on with minimum of money, but MBZSCF have supported our organization making this possible, so I would like to thank you in advance. My project has the following objectives: 1) To study the actual distribution of the Panamanian primates 2) To study their actual conservation status 3) To establish conservation plans that could help them to survive including the environmental education for the local communities. 4) To monitoring the primates found to understand their population dynamic every year.  

Project 13257508 location - Panama, North America