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Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 10051324

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 10051324) - Egyptian vulture - Awarded $5,000 on August 16, 2010

 The project cover North Part of Azerbaijan Republic between Majestic Lateral and Watershed Ridge of the Greater Caucasus mountains with their snow - capped summits of Bazaar - Duzu (4.466 m) and Shahdag (4.243 m) separate Azerbaijan from Dagestan (Russian Federation) and Kur river - biggest river of Transcaucasia . Along Greater Caucasus the chain of parallel ranges occur with elevation up to 600 m (Qaramaryam, Akhar-Bahar, Khojasen etc.). They are covered by special dry forest and have a lot of caves - natural breeding habitats for Vultures and other predators. Tugay (Gallery) forest in this region lying along rivers is habitat for Imperial Eagle and Lesser Kestrel.

The following materials in Azeri will be prepared and distributed during meetings and discussions with local population:
• (a) brochure on the Imperator Eagle, Egyptian Vulture and Lesser Kestrel, their statuses, distributions, numbers, main threats and ways for their conservation in Azerbaijan;
• (b) posters about each species;
• (d) press-conference about results of work, articles in local and republic newspapers, interview on television and radio.
• On each important site the interested persons will be revealed and work groups will be created for implementation of the following objects:
• (a) conducting of basic work for estimation of modern state of their habitats,
• (b) creation of action plan on threatened and rare species for these territories,
• (c) initiate the monitoring,
• (d) create the local group on the implementation of action plan and monitoring of habitats, meetings will be organized for these groups (for each sites),
• е) creation of total action plan on these species.
• Preparations of report, and if it will be important for conservation of species, apply to local and central governmental organs for creation of the protected areas (sanctuaries or natural monuments).

Project 10051324 location - Azerbaijan, Asia