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false ‘ohe (Polyscias racemosa)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 172517270

Seed Ecology and Conservation of the Critically Endangered Hawaiian Endemic Polyscias racemosa (Araliaceae)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 172517270) - false ‘ohe - Awarded $9,500 on January 22, 2018

Investigating seed biology: Based on a single accession from the Hawai‘i Seed Bank Partnership, seeds from this taxon are assumed to be desiccation tolerant - freeze sensitive, but empirical studies are lacking. We will assess methods for optimal ex situ seed conservation including the use of liquid nitrogen in cryopreservation. We will determine if this taxon exhibits morphological, morphophysiological dormancy, or is nondormant as other members of Polyscias are reported.


Conservation collections: We will collect seed for ex situ conservation, to both propagate in the NTBG Horticulture Center and store in the Seed Bank & Laboratory. Seeds from wild, as well as existing living collections, will be used in research to determine optimal seed storage methods and support future conservation and restoration efforts. Proto-DNA will be collected in the form of silica dried leaf material stored at -20°C for future genetic diversity research in the NTBG DNA Library. Herbarium specimens will accompany all collections when possible, and deposited into herbarium (PTBG).


Outplanting: Seeds will be propagated in the nursery and Seed Lab and grown into saplings. Saplings will then be outplanted at McBryde and Limahuli Gardens ex situ and reintroduced to augment wild populations when appropriate.

Project 172517270 location - United States, North America