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Grant Recipient Survey

The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund is an evolving organisation that aims to adapt so that its impact on species conservation is as significant as possible. A key aspect for this is to understand how grant recipients view our organisation and the financial support we provide. We therefore invited recipients of grants to complete a survey covering all aspects of The Fund. This has proved extremely useful to us and we also hope to implement ideas and suggestions from the survey. As a result we are making this a permanent feature to our grant processing procedure. After your project work that The Fund has supported is complete, we ask that you complete a survey. We will also invite you to complete another survey one year after the project work is complete as we understand the full impact (such as publishing a paper) might take additional time. This is so that we can fully understand and optimise the impact we have on species conservation.

This page will display the results of our future surveys.  But for now, below are some interesting results from the survey we conducted in 2013.

  • 40% of grants completed all their objectives set out in their application and 39% completed over half of their objectives.
  • 12 projects resulted in a new species or sub-species being discovered. Further to this, 33% of grants resulted in a species range extension and new species populations were discovered in 27% of grants received.
  • 14 % of grants resulted in the creation of a new protected conservation area and 12% of grants contributed to the expansion of an existing protected area.
  • 32% of grants awarded contributed to the completion of academic qualifications. Half of these qualifications were at postgraduate level.

The above statistics are incredibly encouraging for us and goes to show how small targeted grants make a huge impact on species conservation.  Whilst it is great to receive positive comments from our survey, we always appreciate criticism as this enables us to make improvements.  By completing the survey you will be able to suggest ideas, such as how we can improve our web site and the experience you have from receiving our grants.

Please do take the time to complete our surveys should you receive an invite via email.  Thank you.