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Great Hockey Stick Sailor (Phaedyma aspasia kathmandia)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 11051829

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 11051829) - Great Hockey Stick Sailor - Awarded $3,000 on July 29, 2011

Phaedyma aspasia kathmandia is an endangered and endemic subspecies of butterfly of the family Nymphalidae and order Lepidoptera. This study has been felt very essential to investigate the present status of this butterfly and determine prevailing threats to its associated habitat in Godavari of Lalitpur, Central Nepal. This butterfly has been listed under endangered category of the IUCN Red list of Nepal in 1995. The habitat of this butterfly is restricted to the elevation of 1485 m to 1850 m. Being found outside the protected area, its habitat is under high human pressure imposing impact mainly due to unsustainable harvestings. In country’s context, this is the only habitat known till date so it has significant value in order to protect this endemic subspecies from being extinct. This butterfly appears only for a brief period in May to June every year but its current status is totally unknown since 1989.


Phaedyma aspasia kathmandia which is an endangered and endemic subspecies of butterfly is confined only to a narrow pocket of Lalitpur district of central Nepal is also receiving high impact due to human enchroachment continuing in this part for a longer period. The first phase of study conducted in August to October mostly analyzed its habitat condition and prevailing threats. The next phase of study in May to July (2012) which is the proper period for its appearance in nature will investigate its population status as this species occurs only in these months. Its habitat has been explored in Alnus nepalensis forest during this first phase of study. Detail of this butterfly is yet to come out which will be explored fully in the Second or Final phase of the study in May to July of 2012. The next species found sharing same habitat of the target butterfly is Euthalia sahadeva which is also an endangered species. Dilipa morgiana and Euthalia patala have also been reported in this habitat. Besides this, Precis iphita, Cyrestis thyodamus and Metaporia agathon also occured in the same habitat of Phaedyma aspasia kathmandia. The final phase of study will confirm the current conservation status of Phedyma aspasia kathmandia which currently is on endangered category.

Project 11051829 location - Nepal, Asia