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Greenback Parrotfish (Scarus trispinosus)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 162514561

Conservation of the endangered parrotfish Scarus tripsonosus in Brazilian water - Spatial planning and conservation modelling development in a MPA

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 162514561) - Greenback Parrotfish - Awarded $9,750 on February 15, 2017

Some of the preliminary aims from the previous project will be replicated: - determine the spatial and temporal distribution of the Greenback Parrotfish (Scarus trispinosus) and correlate data of habitat use and species life phase. - document traditional ecological knowledge of the greenback parrotfish with local community and also monitor the fishing intensity of the species in the present - promote awareness of the importance of the protection of corallivorous excavating parrotfishes that play major roles in reef dynamics and sedimentation using the Greenback Parrotfish (Scarus trispinosus) as flagship species. Furthermore, we are now working in the largest marine Brazilian MPA (APA Costa dos Corais) aiming for conservation of the Greenback Parrotfish (Scarus trispinosus). However, due to the size of the MPA, supervision and monitoring of the whole area is virtually non-existent. Therefore, we are aiming to create a fine-scale spatial planning of the MPA and implement modelling of priority conservation areas in the MPA aiming for a real conservation of the species. Areas with priority use for the Scarus trispinosus, such as recruitment and reproduction hotspots, will be mapped and analysed in spatial planning tools. Therefore, conservation could be focused on a real protection of the species.

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