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Guangxi warty newt (Paramesotriton guangxiensis)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 220529076

Population size, fine-scale habitat suitability map and conservation on endangered Guangxi warty newt (Paramesotriton guangxiensis) in northern Vietnam

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 220529076) - Guangxi warty newt - Awarded $2,764 on May 19, 2022

The main goal of the project is to deeply understand the population status and threats on for conserving the endangered warty newt, Paramesotriton guangxiensis in Phia Oac – Phia Den NP, northern Vietnam. In particular, we will provide population size, distribution a fine-scale habitat suitability map, major threats for the endangered species in study area. Especially, the fine-scale habitat suitability map will provide much information on selecting conservational priority areas for the species. Then, we propose the conservation activities to enhance the awareness of local people on newt conservation, that have been poorly considered in northern Vietnam. Based on the outcomes of the project, managers, policymakers, and conservationists could propose conservation plans and strategies for newt species in Phia Oac – Phia Den NP as well as in northern Vietnam for the long term.

Project 220529076 location - Vietnam, Asia