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Harlequin Frog (Atelopus exiguus)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 0925771

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 0925771) - Harlequin Frog - Awarded $15,000 on November 06, 2010

Here we are presenting a specific project to study the causes of decline on three species of harlequin toads. However our project aims to fulfill the mission of Zoo Amaru and the Philadelphia Zoo by helping save critically endangered animals from the brink of extinction and by educating the public, especially those living in the same areas where the frogs are still found, about the declines of amphibians worldwide and close to their homes. The specific objectives of both Zoo Amaru and the Philadelphia Zoo are to (1) Help understand the causes of amphibian declines in order to (2) Prevent these species from going extinct via in-situ and ex-situ research (3) To carry these species saving projects with the help of local scientist and members of the local rural communities; (4) Empowering local actors with the tools needed to protect the fauna and flora of the place where they live. The Philadelphia Zoo was established 150 years ago and is the first zoo in the Americas. Zoo Amaru, established 7 years ago and is the first zoo in the city of Cuenca. Since its creation seven years ago, Zoo Amaru has concentrated its efforts in helping conserve the local wildlife of Ecuador, focusing its efforts on the reptiles and amphibians of the region. The Philadelphia Zoo also believes in conserving wildlife and recently created the Amphibian Conservation Program. The Philadelphia Zoo has joined efforts with Zoo Amaru to try and help the endangered amphibians of the region; specifically the amphibians of the five southernmost provinces of Ecuador (Azuay, Loja, El Oro, Morona Santiago and Zamora Chinchipe). We are concentrating our efforts on the endangered amphibians of Cajas National Park and its surrounding areas in the Azuay Province. These include the green Cajas harlequin toad, the black Cajas harlequin toad, and the Molleturo harlequin toad, as well as the San Lucas marsupial frog, the Andean rocket frog and other endangered amphibians. Please go to the link below and click on the frog icon that reads “Guia Anfibios” and please download the file “Cajas National Park amphibian, reptile and fish guide” to learn more about the species found at the Cajas National Park. This guide was written by Zoo Amaru staff and is an example of the role of the on the protection of this important component of the local wildlife of Southern Ecuador. http://www.etapa.net.ec/PNC/pnc_bibdes.aspx

Project 0925771 location - Ecuador, South America