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ibiribá-rana (Eschweilera compressa)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 11252278

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 11252278) - ibiribá-rana - Awarded $10,000 on January 02, 2012

Our project was intitialy restricted to three species of the Brazil nut family (Lecythidaceae), two found in the vicinity of Rio de Janeiro (Couratari pyramidata and Eschweilera compressa) and a third in Minas Gerais (Lecythis schwackei), but we later expanded the study to include the 20 native species of the coastal forest and adjacent savanna, 10 of which we have selected for more detailed analyses of their distributions and the status of suitable habitat in the vicinity of the areas documented by herbarium specimens. In order to make our data available, we have created a web page entitled the Conservation Status of the Lecythidaceae in eastern Brazil


The purpose of the web page is to provide a checklist of the native species of the Brazil nut family known to occur in the Atlantic coastal forest and adjacent areas of eastern Brazil. Not included are introduced species such as Bertholletia excelsa and Couroupita guianenis. Clicking on a species link takes you to the species page of the species. Once there, you can find 1) general information and images of the species, 2) current conservation status of the species according to the IUCN (IUCN, 2009) and Plantas Raras do Brasil (Giulietti et al., 2009) species assessments, 3) an overall distribution map of the species by clicking on "Map all specimens of this Taxon," and 4) details about the collections of a species by clicking on "Search for all records of this taxon in the Virtual Herbarium."


As part of this project we are resolving the taxonomic problems of the species of Couratari and will describe any new taxa that may be discovered as the result of herbarium study and field work during the coming year.

Project 11252278 location - Brazil, South America