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Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 160514442

Updating the conservation status of the giant critically endangered listed soft shell turtle (Chitra chitra javanensis) in Java Island

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 160514442) - Javanese Narrow-headed Soft Shell Turtle  - Awarded $5,000 on February 02, 2017

Neglected by government, this environmental importance species were under high risk of threats. Massive eggs, hatching and adult JNSST harvesting and also habitat degradation were the main cause these creatures population drop. Naturally, just small number of soft shell hatching are able to survive as adult. Size, inexperience, predator, and prone of diseases make them very vulnerable. Presumptively, water pollution and competition with other soft shell species (A. Cartilagenea) or invasive Chinese soft shell turtle (P. sinensis) exacerbate JNSST population. Chitras are believed sensitive to water quality as same as other report on soft shell turtle species. Captured JNSST will be measured then recorded and assess its healthy status. Comprehensive measurement parameter include: Total Carapacial Length (TCL), Carapacial bone Length at the vertebrae region (CL), Capacial bone Width at the widest part (CW) and Total Carapacial bone Width including the ribs measured at the widest part (CWR) will immediately execute after taken from trap. Furthermore, all captured specimen will be sexed by morphological dimorphism appearance such as the distance of cloacae opening to rear plastron. Diet preference data collected by force flush, fesses collection, and feeding trial. Soft shell prey availability in habitat collection as well for supporting data. Potential prey data such as fish, invertebres, and small reptile species near river will be collected and reported.


Project 160514442 location - Indonesia, Asia