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Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 11252483

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 11252483) - Kamakahala - Awarded $13,000 on July 26, 2011

Plant Extinction Prevention (PEP) Program
The PEP program protects Hawaii's rarest native plants from extinction. We are committed to reversing the trend toward extinction by managing wild plants, collecting seeds and establishing new populations. We focus on species that have fewer than 50 plants remaining, collaborating with conservation partners that have a shared interest in preserving Hawaii's unique biodiversity.

Project Goals
The grant we received from the Fund has allowed staff of the Plant Extinction Prevention Program to visit the four remaining individuals of Labordia lorenciana multiple times. During those visits, we have protected the plants from insect threats, hand pollinated the only remaining female plant, and collected seeds that were then germinated and grown at a cooperating botanical garden.

Project Outcomes
Because of this effort, we now have 100 seedlings ready to be reintroduced into a protected exclosure located within its natural habitat, increasing the number of plants in the wild and bringing the species a step further from the edge of extinction.

Flowers were pollinated and seeds collected from the only remaining female plant of Labordia lorenciana. As a result 100 seedlings are ready to be reintroduced to protected sites. Seeds were collected from three of nine remaining individuals of Cyrtandra paliku. The last known Hibiscadelphus woodii was discovered to have died; this species may be extinct.



Project 11252483 location - United States, North America