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Kenya dancing-jewel (Platycypha amboniensis)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 220529140

Research and Conservation of the Critically Endangered Kenya Montane Dancing Jewel (Platycypha amboniensis) in Mount Kenya

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 220529140) - Kenya dancing-jewel - Awarded $5,000 on June 10, 2022

This project proposes research and conservation of habitats critical for the survival of the rare, endemic and critically endangered Kenya’s montane dancing-jewel (Platycypha amboniensis) in central highlands of Kenya with an ultimate goal of improving its conservation status. The species has a limited area of occurrence with few patchy populations confirmed in its known range. There are small populations in the streams heading south from Mount Kenya forest. We have observed that water abstraction from these streams (and probably siltation) affects the population by reducing water speed, surface area and thereby affecting larval emergence. This project will build a relationship between the montane dancing-jewel and local community water users through education and capacity building. This project follows a community based approach in research and monitoring, environmental education and evidence based ecosystem restoration.  

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