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Liverwort (Sauteria spongiosa)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 10051334

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 10051334) - Liverwort - Awarded $4,700 on September 17, 2010

Sauteria spongiosa is an endangered species of bryophyte of the class Hepaticae.  This species which is found on moist rock was explored extensively in Kathmandu mountains from October, 2010 to June, 2011 covering almost all the seasons of the year. This species was first reported in 1982 at Chandragiri mountain of Kathmandu Valley at an elevation of 2400 m. None of its investigation has been  made since its first report.

This study made extensive study on this plant at previously reported and other mountains areas of Kathmandu valley.  Within a gap of 29 years of its first report, its potential habitat has massively been destroyed for road construction thus making this plant disappear completely from its only known habitat in Kathmandu Valley. Its status in other districts is not known yet.

This study was focussed mainly to determine the current status of Sauteria spongiosa besides documentation of many significant species of bryophytes which were not reported before the initiation of this project work. Besides extensive investigation at Chandragiri (2400 m) this study also covered many other potential areas like Sundari Jal Mountain (1900 m), Sankhu (1650m), Lankuri Bhanjyamg (1900-2100 m), Phulchoki Mountain (1500-2734 m), Dakschhinkali (1400-1600 m) and Champadevi (1400-2000 m).

This study explored out a total of 58 genera and 84 species of bryophytes which belong to 36 families and  three different classes.  Of the total species recorded, 8 species were identified as new records to the country. This includes five species of the class Hepaticae and three species of Musci.

Conservation Awareness Program conducted in this study at Chandragiri village was very effective and interactive. Conservation authorities were consulted to familiarize them with current status of Sauteria spongiosa and other rare bryophyte species recorded in this study. They were also suggested to develop suitable conservation scheme based on local environment condition. In conservation awareness program, local peoples were  made alert and suggested them  to consult local leaders and conservation authorities to conduct Environment Impact Assrssment before constructing or establishing any big plant or project in this area.

Project 10051334 location - Nepal, Asia