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Livingstone's fuit bat (Pteropus livingstonii)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 13257886

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 13257886) - Livingstone's fuit bat - Awarded $8,000 on January 27, 2014

This project is managed by the Comorian NGO Dahari; more information about our work can be found at www.daharicomores.org

The goal of this project is to achieve long-term conservation of Pteropus livingstonii in ways that benefit rather than penalize those whose livelihoods will be impacted through protection measures. This will be achieved through devising and implementing an innovative Payment for Environmental Services (PES) scheme to integrate conservation of Livingstone's fruit bat into wider landscape management being undertaken in collaboration between Dahari and local communities.


The specific objectives are:

1. Identify and map land-use around three pilot roost sites to inform conservation planning

2. Identify land-use regimes that will ensure protection of roost sites, to include reforestation

3. Devise pilot PES scheme to compensate farmers for adopting conservation regimes 4. Implement PES conservation agreements with farmers and village management committees

5. Monitor and evaluate impact on LFB roost populations and livelihoods

6. Perform full evaluation of scheme to prepare for enlargement 

Project 13257886 location - Comoros, Africa