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Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 210527580

First threat mitigation project for Margay conservation in Morelos, Mexico

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 210527580) - Margay - Awarded $4,902 on March 01, 2022

The goal of this project is to reduce potential threats for Margays living in Sierra de Montenegro, by mitigating the presence of feral and free range dogs in their habitat through free sterilization and vaccination campaigns for dogs, and environmental education campaigns for the local communities. To achieve this goal successfully we need to be able to vaccinate 75% of the dog population (approximately 1335 dogs) by 2024 and sterilize at least 10% of the feral and free range dog population (approximately 178 dogs) annually. The objectives of the first phase are: 1. Reduce the risk of zoonosis for Margay populations from contact with diseased feral dogs and free range dogs through vaccination against parvovirus, canine distemper and rabies, of at least 260 dogs by 2022. (260 represents 15% of our overall 75% target) 2. Reduce prey competition and degradation risk posed by feral and free ranged dogs to Margay populations by spaying 178 dogs by 2022. 3. Provide at least 2 workshops for 100 community members with the aim of providing tools and information on the responsible ownership of domestic animals to avoid the presence of dogs in the reserve and avoid conflict with small cats.

Project 210527580 location - Mexico, North America