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Mauritian free-tailed bat (Mormopterus acetabulosus)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 172516366

Ecology and conservation of Mauritian free-tailed bat (Mormopterus acetabulosus)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 172516366) - Mauritian free-tailed bat - Awarded $8,200 on November 08, 2017

Ecosystem Restoration Alliance Indian Ocean (ERA) focuses on conservation and protection of the least known species in Mauritius. One of those is Mauritius free-tailed bat (Mormopterus acetabulosus). A survey conducted by ERA a couple of years ago indicated that the population of these endemic bats has decreased by almost 80% during the last two decades. The couse is not clear but it is most likely combination of disturbance and pollution of the caves. 

With The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, ERA is undertaking a project to clean up the roosting caves of all the housewaste, educate local community about the importance of the bats in Mauritius ecosystem and secure the last 3 known roosting caves of these bats. Along with that, ERA will do more research about the movement pattern of these bats, breeding and feeding ecology and regular surveys of all the caves in Mauritius to assess potencially new roosting sites.  

Project 172516366 location - Mauritius, Africa