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Mollinedia stenophylla (Mollinedia stenophylla)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 180519681

Conservation of the recently rediscovered and critically endangered Mollinedia stenophylla (Monimiaceae) and associated species from Brazilian Atlantic rainforest.

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 180519681) - Mollinedia stenophylla - Awarded $5,000 on March 10, 2019

Mollinedia stenophylla Perkins (Monimiaceae) is a recently rediscovered and critically endangered Angiosperm species endemics from a narrow area of rainforest in Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil (Lírio et al. 2018). This project aims to perform fieldwork to collect more information about the species and samples to study the population genetics and propose measures to conservation of this species and others associated in the same area. 


To achieve this objectives we expect to:

1. Perform fieldwork to search for new subpopulations in the wild of Mollinedia stenophylla and other Deficient Data Mollinedia species in the same area.

2. Conduct studies to understand the genetic diversity of Mollinedia stenophylla.

3. Perform the assessment or update of the extinction risk for the indicated four species according to IUCN criteria, based on the new data obtained in this project.

4. Collaborate to improve the Action Plan for conservation of endemic species of Rio de Janeiro (Pougy et al., 2018),including specific actions to protect and restore sensible areas for Monimiaceae populations.


Lírio, E. J., Freitas, J., Negrão, R., Martinelli, G., & Peixoto, A. (2018). A hundred years’ tale: Rediscovery of Mollinedia stenophylla (Monimiaceae) in the Atlantic rainforest, Brazil. Oryx, 52(3), 437-441. doi:10.1017/S0030605316001654

Pougy N, Martins E, Verdi M, Fernandez E, Loyola R, Filho TBS & Martinelli G (2018) Plano de ação nacional para a conservação da flora endêmica ameaçada de extinção do estado do Rio de Janeiro. Secretaria de Estado do Ambiente (SEA), Andrea Jakobsson estúdio, Rio de Janeiro. 80p. 

Project 180519681 location - Brazil, South America