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Norfolk Island Parakeet (Cyanoramphus cooki)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 13257783

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 13257783) - Norfolk Island Parakeet - Awarded $18,985 on January 25, 2014

This project aims to boost the number of succesful breeding attempts of Tasman parakeets by providing safe nesting sites for the species. This is achieved by identifying, mapping and modifing natural cavities or un-used nesting sites. The key modifications are the application of metal sheathing at the base to prevent access by rats and rats. Modified nests are closely monitored with motion-sensitive cameras to keep a record of predator and competitor activity that can guide intervention (i.e. in the case of increase in rodent activity, intense trapping follows). Since the onset of this project the number of succesful nesting attempts has doubled. Following key modifications, safe nests are readily taken by Tasman parakeets. No instances of predation have been recorded in focal nests. Competition by Introduced Crimson rosellas and starlings is still an issue, alternative nest access designs will be tried to prevent these birds from using safe nests. Alongside nest-site provisioning, this project seeks to mantain a close monitoring program for the Tasman parakeet and to develop local capacity among field staff on techniques for parrot breeding monitoring and data keeping. Since the beggining of this project six field staff have been trained on field techniques and data keeping. During the next six months, surveys of Tasman parakeets will be resumed. An improved rat and cat control programme is being develop by project partners to ensure higher survival of chicks after fledging.

Project 13257783 location - Australia, Oceania