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Northern Muriqui (Brachyteles hypoxanthus)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 172515899

Northern Muriqui Conservation Program of Minas Gerais: Terrestrial and Aerial Monitoring with Ecodrones

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 172515899) - Northern Muriqui - Awarded $10,000 on January 19, 2018

Implement new technology and develop methodology for population monitoring with the use of an autonomous drone with infrared and HD camera to identify the Muriquis; Quantify populations of B. hypoxanthus in Minas Gerais; Implement an integrated research program with standardized methodology with multiple Muriqui population monitoring programs; Characterize the landscapes populated by Muriqui; Subsidize studies on the genetic structure of different populations, especially the most isolated; Identify populations that require management; Realize new techniques for conservation management of the Muriquis which include relocation; Create a state-wide program of remigration of populations that aren't considered viable; Model climate change variables and the impact this can have on the Muriqui; Elaborate a state-wide plan for ecocooridors and population connectivity, as highlighted by obj. 7 of the National Action Plan; Implement an environmental education campaign focused on the Muriquis as a means to obtain gains with public policy for the conservation of the Muriquis; Consolidate our results as recommendations and policy suggestions for the competent environmental agencies, especially for the elaboration of state public policy that benefit the Muriquis

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