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Oncilla (Leopardus tigrinus)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 170516086

Conserving the vulnerable and cryptic Oncilla (Leopardus tigrinus) around one of the largest cities in Colombia, South America

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 170516086) - Oncilla - Awarded $4,918 on November 20, 2017

This project about the ecology and conservation of the globally vulnerable Oncilla or Tigrillo lanudo (Leopardus tigrinus) has the mission to contribute to the threat reduction, conservation research, public awareness, natural history, and mitigation programs of this secretive and ignored species in ongoing urbanizing landscapes of Latin America where Oncilla habitat is highly permeated by roads, motorized traffic, domestic and invasive species, deforestation, and suburban sprawl. This project has an important component of community and multidisciplinary participation.

The overall objectives of this projects include: 1. To document crucial aspects of this felid’s natural history in a location affected by urban development, roads and motorized traffic. Particularly, the research will study its activity, density, abundance, diet, behavior, local distribution and habitat preference using camera trapping and analysis of fecal samples; 2. to educate people of Medellín and surrounding cities about the diversity of urban predators (with emphasis on the Oncilla) in order to minimize potential conflict and promote cohabitation with carnivore predators in urbanizing landscapes; 3. to introduce the study of urban predators and other wildlife under a citizen science project scheme through community engagement.

Project 170516086 location - Colombia, South America