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Pampas cat (Leopardus munoai)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species project number 220529452

Saving one of the last populations of Leopardus munoai in the border of Brazil and Uruguay

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation (Project No. 220529452) - Pampas cat - Awarded $5,000 on March 01, 2023

The project is being carried out on the Uruguay-Brazil border in the Uruguayan savanna ecoregion. Recently, we have had different records of L. munoai in that region. The records are found in an area that has the characteristics of the habitat of the species. The area also coincides with some points where the species was previously recorded, unfortunately in road kills. In addition, it is an area that is within an environmental protection unit, APA do Ibirapuitã, where it crosses an important international highway that connects the countries. The aim of this project is to save one of the last Leopards munoai populations on the border between Uruguay and Brazil, as well as, estimate the population size of the species through several surveys using camera traps. We also aim to monitor the international highways that cross the study area.

Project 220529452 location - Uruguay, South America